Reflecting over Cumbria

Taking in Mountaintop Views from the Waterside

Reflecting over Cumbria

The Lake District, Cumbria, UK is, for me as a hiker, a destination unlike any other. Accessible mountains, glorious valleys and, of course, as the name of the area suggests, plenty of water. From glacial lakes to tarns high around the summits, it’s a place to reflect — in both meanings of the word. This view of the High Street mountain area with Haweswater at the bottom truly invites you to get to hiking the trails.

Each season makes every scene completely different. Take the Old Man of Coniston, for instance. During the summer tourist months the tarn near its summit draws many visitors. In winter you can often have it to yourself — along with spectacular color effects thanks to the snow, rock and water.

Tarn Hows is one of the most visited areas of Cumbria. With a car park right next to it this beautiful spot has been a place for people of all ages to get some Lakeland views. No matter the time of the day, as long as it’s clear, the scenes lend themselves to the camera.

I like to hike up high often not just to gain some reflection time but also to really take in the world around. From many peaks you can see much more than one of the lakes running the valleys. 

Sunny days are a bit monotonous after a while. Cloud and even rain in Cumbria, which you can always count on, creates a wonderful atmosphere for the eyes, the memory and of course the photographs.

Whenever you search for reflection photography in the Lake District online there is one lake that always appears near the top: Derwentwater. It’s easily accessible from the town of Keswick with a tree-lined shore that’s surrounded by some iconic shaped peaks. On a calm day it is a joy to walk around — and of course to get some great shots as well.

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