Cesar Aristeiguieta

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Cesar Aristeiguieta is an award winning expedition and advertising photographer based in Houston, Texas. He has been photographing the majesty of people and nature for over 40 years.

Cesar fell in love with photography at age 8 while watching his uncle develop black-and-white prints in their home darkroom. That magical moment uncovered a universe of possibilities for making images reflective of his vision and spirit.

Cesar is a regular contributor to print and online publications. His photojournalistic perspective speaks about the places, people and moments that have punctuated his life and forged his character.

Cesar is most at home in the great outdoors, with a backpack on his shoulders, and camera at hand. In recent years he has also embarked on a photographic exploration of the human figure in more urban settings. Utilizing traditional photo tools, his aim is to create lifestyle-advertising images that make use of theme, characters, humor and atmosphere to support strong visual messaging.

Cesar has led photographic expeditions to over a dozen countries seeking unique images. He is most often found photographing remote sections of the California Sierra Nevada, the northern Rockies, Alaska and East Africa. An explorer of life and souls, Cesar is endlessly pursuing what John Muir called “wildness.”

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