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Erin Vroom grew up in San Jose, California and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Kinesiology. She thought she wanted to be an athletic trainer or a nurse, however her life took a turn when she traveled to India and Thailand for a couple months doing non-profit work. She gained a passion to travel the world and communicate the stories she heard through multimedia. Until this point, photography and videography had only been a hobby. 

Now Erin is the Creative Media Director at a non-profit that promotes volunteerism among youth based out of Salem, Oregon. Her work has taken her to India, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, and Guatemala. Candid scenes and portraits of day-to-day life in other cultures are her favorite things to photograph and video. She enjoys getting to work with young people who have her same desire to travel the world and seek global perspective. Now she gets to lead trips overseas to volunteer, teach, and document the efforts of grassroots justice movements through multimedia. 

The world is full of hope and beauty even in the darkest of corners. Erin counts on SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards to capture what she sees and experiences with both photos and HD video. 

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A Calm Cauldron of Magnificence

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