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Paul Steele is a hiker from northern England, UK, an area of mountains, lakes, valleys and fields of green. It was only natural for him to grow up hiking and climbing. 
He combines his passion for traveling, photography and storytelling into his blog, From mountaintops to beaches, from historic buildings to sunsets, Paul covers the most amazing places all over the globe and the beautiful hidden spots close to home. An important part of his storytelling takes place through social media where more his more than 500,000 Twitter followers can vicariously travel the world through his pictures.
Paul also shares travel/photography articles on Visit Britain, Huffington Post and Business Insider. He has been a social reporter for LandRover and British Airways and others, sharing experiences live, on the go. The Daily Mail has even named Paul as the “world’s most influential travel writer.”

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Reflecting over Cumbria

Reflecting over Cumbria

Taking in Mountaintop Views from the Waterside

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